Frequently asked questions

I am thinking of shooting my film in Texas, who can I talk to about that?
We are here to help.  Please fill out this questionnaire and we will contact you soon!

Can I book a space to hold a conference on nutrition pills?
No.  We only cater to the entertainment industry.

Are you willing to negotiate pricing on special event rentals?
Absolutely.  We will try our best to work with you and your budget.

Are we the same as the San Antonio Film Society?
No.  The San Antonio Film Society’s offices are located inside our building, but we are a completely different organization.  They do however seem like great chaps and have fine taste in beer.

What is an ACS Collaborator?
Glad you asked!  ACS Collaborators are folks that pay a monthly/quarterly/yearly membership for shared office space at Alamo City Studios.  They have access to our Cafe, our Education Room and our Common Conference room.  You can become an ACS Collaborator today by signing up now!

Do you offer any membership discounts?
Yes, we do but you must be a member for a minimum of 30 days in order to qualify for those discounts.

What are the hours of operation for ACS Collaborators?
Collaborators have use of our building between the hours of 9am – 1am