Alamo City Studios is proud to announce a new FREE media arts program -- Eastside Youth Content Creation Program, or EYCCP @ACS.

This unique, six-week program is designed to take high school Juniors & Seniors from the earliest stages of content creation to the completion of their own video projects.

FREE Transportation to and from Sam Houston High School provided

EYCCP is fully endorsed by Councilman Jalen-McKee of District Two and the San Antonio Film Commission.

Program Information

EYCCP at ACS will run Mondays through Thursdays from 5-7 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM-2 PM. Students will have FREE bus transportation to and from Sam Houston HS. Classes begin Monday, September 12th and finish Saturday, October 22nd.

Day Time Classes
Monday - Thursday 5:15-6:00 Group A: Writing (Education Room), Group B: Acting (Trifecta Studio)
  6:00-6:15 Snacks / Bathroom Breaks
  6:15-7:00 Group A: Acting (Trifecta Studio), Group B: Writing (Education Room)
Saturday 10:00-11:15 Group A: Writing (Education Room), Group B: Acting (Trifecta Studio)
  11:20-11:50 Lunch (provided by ACS)
  11:55-1:10 Group A: Acting (Trifecta Studio), Group B: Writing (Education Room)
  01:15-2:00 Guest Speaker

The program will end with a Media Showcase of student work open to the public.


EYCCP at ACS classes run in three sessions made up of two-week blocks:

Block I: Acting & ScriptwritingWeeks 1 & 2
Block II: Directing & Video ProductionWeeks 3 & 4
Block III: Editing & MarketingWeeks 5 & 6

The six-week training program includes six rotating core classes necessary for creating digital content:

Scriptwriting for Media 101

Students will have the opportunity to learn how to write and format commercial and film scripts using professional software. In addition, they will create and write the script they will film later in the program.

Introduction to Acting

From working on auditions, monologues, and scene study to sharing the secrets of success in local markets, students will learn various methods which will teach and enhance their acting skills.



Students will learn how to coordinate with the key personnel, creating shot sheets and setups, blocking, and working as crew on each other's projects. They will also learn set etiquette and how to work with actors.

Video Production

Students will learn steps for how to utilize equipment and technical principles in creating media content. This includes hands-on interactions with equipment and shooting group projects.



Targeted at beginning videographers and editors, students will learn how to work with video footage, create and work with sequences, add transitions, add or modify audio and export clips for viewing using use Adobe Premiere Pro.

Marketing 101

Students will learn how to utilize video and audio marketing current trends as a business. This includes understanding audience purpose and marketability of your project, including evaluations of viral social media trends (such as TikTok) with local guest lecturers.


Eastside Youth Content Creation Program @ Alamo City Studios (EYCCP @ ACS) is dedicated to providing rigorous, practical, and professional training for students located in District 2 of the San Antonio metropolitan area. With a goal to produce media content in the form of short films, EYCCP strives to take student ideas and elevate them into professionally formatted scripts that they can then film, edit, and present in a media setting. EYCCP aims to not only empower students to create media content, but to also connect students to professionals in the film and media industry so that they can build a foundation for their future careers. In addition, EYCCP aims to show students how to market their work so that they can make a successful living doing what they love and become active participants within their community.

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