New Date for Collaborators

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We’ve got some good news, and we’ve got some bad news.

Which one do you want first?  OK fine.  The bad news first.

The Bad News
We are pushing the ACS Collaborators Program a few weeks.  That’s right, what was July 1st is now August 1st.  I know what you’re thinking… you were really looking forward to all of that awesomeness.   That’s just it though, our awesomeness isn’t quite ready and we need just a bit longer.

The Good News
Because you’re gracious enough to give us another 2 weeks, we are going to bring the rain… the gusto… the rock-n-roll camp of awesomeness.  With stuff like:

  • New Carpet
  • New flooring
  • New Desks
  • Upgrading our WIFI to blazing
  • Packing and setting up our crafty
  • Adding Mailboxes (for all your business mail needs)
  • Adding Lockers (to keep all your goodies safe that you want to leave here)



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