San Antonio Screen Writers Guild

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This month, we are privileged to be joined by writer / teacher C.M. Bratton, who will share with us her process in finding and shaping story ideas. C.M. is a prolific writer of books, short stories and scripts in several genres including science fiction, fantasy, thriller, and more. With her wealth of imagination, it should be a great session.
In addition, we’ll explore a few ways to evaluate ideas according to the screenwriting book, “The Idea: the Seven Elements of A Viable Story for Screen, Stage or Fiction,” by Erik Bork. Whether you’re looking for your next idea or wanting to add oomph to your current work, come join us for some inspiration.
The meeting will be held on Saturday, February 15, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. at the Alamo City Studios, 1113 E. Houston St., San Antonio. (NOTE: The door is locked and the doorbell has had issues lately, so call/text Lise at (210) 440-0904 if you need to be let in.)

New format for SASWG begins in March
ALSO, a little advance notice: Beginning NEXT month (March), we will be changing our format to FEEDBACK SESSIONS.
We have had many discussion topics over the years, but talking can only get us so far. We all need feedback, and occasionally also a little push to get words written and put them out in the world. With that in mind…
Each month starting in March, we will focus on our own writing. Members should bring 5-10 pages of a script they’d like to share. (You don’t need to ask in advance.) Just bring your work, provide at least 5 copies, and we will do an impromptu table read followed by suggestions/comments. We will get through as many as we can at each session. If you don’t have pages to bring, just come to offer your input, but we hope our members will get in the habit of bringing something to each meeting.
We’ve seen this work well in another group, and we are excited to start it here!
See you Saturday!
Lise and Patty

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