San Antonio’s Professional Production Industry Receives Overwhelming Support from City Council!

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San Antonio’s Professional Production Industry Receives Overwhelming Support from City Council!

SAN ANTONIO, TX (October 13, 2016) Thanks in part to the advocacy of the SA film industry over the past couple of years, and the recent efforts of the San Antonio Film Society (SAFS) and various professionals in the local production community, the City Council has just approved San Antonio’s new Film Strategic Plan in a united vote. Also having received the blessing from City Manager Sheryl Sculley and Mayor Ivy Taylor, the plan was drafted through the concerted efforts of the local film industry and some key players at the City Manager’s Office (Lori Houston) and the Dept of Culture & Creative Development, namely Debbie Racca-Sittre and Nina Shealey.

The SAFS applauds San Antonio’s city leaders for supporting the local incentive process. As a result of Council’s action today, SA will have the most robust city incentive rebate in Texas at 7.5%, this is independent from the state rebate. Paired with a strong and renewed Texas Incentive, San Antonio hopes to finally be able to offer a nationally competitive 30% Rebate for qualifying projects in 2017.

While this is a huge hurdle that has just been surpassed, the Plan itself is a general overview of where the city intends to be in five years and how it will achieve those goals. Now the real work begins in developing and fine- tuning the details for a successful execution. Three main committees have been established to accomplish this: Local & State Incentives, Infrastructure & Workforce Development, and Marketing & Film Culture. Several of those details have already begun to take shape, and the SAFS will continue its support of and participation in the process. Additionally, the SAFS remains committed to helping foster a positive impact on the city through workforce development, support for increased infrastructure and attracting higher paying, skilled jobs – all to relieve the burden of government and help create positive, engaged and happy citizens of San Antonio.

We’d like to thank everyone in the production community for their dedication and hard work, whether in person or in spirit. The San Antonio Film Society will continue to be a voice and champion for the local film industry as the Plan moves forward and as we continue our joint efforts with the Texas Motion Picture Alliance (TXMPA) to revitalize the state incentive.




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